Burial Repository for Formerly Enslaved Americans


The National Burial Database of Enslaved Americans will compile and archive information on burials and burial grounds of formerly enslaved Americans. The national repository, which will be a free public resource, received founding support from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

What is Sacred?


What is Sacred? is a national public service and engagement initiative. The objective is to engage communities with the memory of formerly enslaved Americans by promoting participation in service to protect and preserve their burial sites and foster a public understanding of their historical significance. What is Sacred? is supported by the New York Life Foundation and The 1772 Foundation.

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Freedman’s Village Project

Many formerly enslaved Americans buried in Arlington are without identity (name, birth or death records). In cooperation with Arlington National Cemetery, researching their current burial records, the Freedman’s Village Project will seek to establish a historical archive for formerly enslaved soldiers and citizens of Freedman’s Village interred in Arlington National Cemetery.  The archive will be included in the National Burial Database of Enslaved Americans.