Sandra A. Arnold

Burial Repository
Enslaved American Burials

The National Burial Database of Enslaved Americans will be the first national repository for burials of individuals enslaved in the United States. This public resource will engage communities in documenting and preserving burial grounds and burials of the enslaved. -


Arlington Cemetery
Burial Documentation

Arlington Cemetery & Freedman's Village Project will document burials of formerly enslaved Americans within Arlington National Cemetery. -

What is Sacred?
Public Service Campaign

What is Sacred? will be a public service and engagement initiative promoting the public memory of enslaved Americans and their history - as well as the National Burial Database of Enslaved Americans. -


Periwinkle Humanities Initiative
Preservation and Protection

The goal of the Periwinkle Humanities Initiative is to humanize the lives of formerly enslaved Americans and foster a public understanding of why they must be remembered. The messaging of the Periwinkle Humanities Initiative will always elevate the families, communities and culture of the formerly enslaved.